Hello there. I’m Dan, and welcome to my little corner of the Internet.

I’ve been writing online for the last couple of years for CCL Tech but thought it was well past time that I do something of my own. Due to the nature of the site, I only really wrote about computer related things, mostly reviews of games as well as a number of support and troubleshooting guides. I’ll probably construct some kind of archive of my CCL work at some point, since the author page doesn’t list everything I’ve written.

I don’t intend to really have much of a theme here and will probably write about anything and everything that comes to mind, from games to movies, comics, technology and anything else that catches my interest. I may also branch into some videos of various games and playthroughs since that’s what all the cool kids do at some point down the line.

One of my main goals for the year is to massively cut back on my games spending. I’ve amassed a fairly large Steam library due to sales, Humble Bundles and various freebies over the last 5 years and that’s not to mention the games I have on other services, consoles and handhelds. My plan is that from the time of writing to the end of the year that I’m only going to pick up the new Zelda, Mass Effect and Sonic Mania, and avoid any other new releases, Steam sales and Humble Bundles. I have PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live accounts already renewed up to the end of the year, so I’m still looking at a steady supply of new games there as well as keeping my WoW account active (at least for the time being, who knows I might burn out on it at some point?) but I do want to work on clearing out some older games in my backlog.

As you may be able to guess from the look of the site, I’m not really one for web design. I may spend some time sprucing it up at some point but for the time being I think this WordPress theme should suffice.

So, if you’ve somehow stumbled across me without being one of the few people who knows I’m writing (Hi Dave!) then hello, welcome and I hope you enjoy what I come up with!