Ah, January. New year, new games. I’m trying to start a few new games this month, as well as finish off some older ones that I already had on the go.

I’m currently working through Lego Dimensions with my stepson, guaranteed to destroy my bank balance forever. He’d previously been hooked on Disney Infinity, but after the series was ended I was looking for something else for him. The toys as games genre are a bit of a steep investment due to having to buy pricey toys to unlock in-game content but he’s enjoying it so far. For me, it’s just another Lego game with the additional complication of having to move the figures around the portal all the time. The range of characters and settings are pretty cool though, and hopefully we’ll one day see the Disney properties added. Plus, it has a Lego Sonic so that’s pretty great.

Fearing that the imminent replacement of the Wii U would mean a limited amount of updates for Lego Dimension we picked up a PlayStation 4 from a friend before Christmas and got that version. Which is great, because it means I can finally play the dozens of games I’ve built up on Plus over the years and have finally got around to picking up Star Wars Battlefront. I’d largely avoided it before new due to the lack of a single player campaign, which still bugs me, but also because I’d heard from a number of people that the PC player base was a bit lacking. Enjoying it quite a bit so far though, and it’s a very very pretty rendition of all the Star Wars locations and vehicles which definitely helps.

Over on the 3DS, I’m trying to get around to finishing Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice. I started playing it not long after release, but I tend to play DS games on my breaks and lunches at work and as it got a bit hectic around Christmas I stopped playing for some reason. It doesn’t really do anything substantially new, but as with every past game in the series it’s good fun and with a great bunch of characters, plus I’m very happy that Maya is finally back for her first major canon appearance since Trials and Tribulations nearly a decade ago.

I also play a couple of co-op games with friends a few evenings a week. With my work group we’re currently between games and trying to work out what we’re starting next.. any suggestions? Meanwhile Dave and I have just finished Dying Light and it’s DLC and are thinking of playing through Sniper Elite v2 next, as neither of us have played through it before.

In the real world, away from any screens, our semi-regular board game group have just started SeaFall. It’s the first legacy game that I think any of the group have played, and certainly the first that I have. We’re having another session of it this weekend, so I expect to have a bit more to say about it then but it’s very enjoyable so far.

And of course, there’s World of Warcraft. After a six year absence I’ve been talked into coming back again for the recent Legion expansion. I’ve been back for a couple of months now, and have completed all the story content available for the expansion at the moment. I’m currently working on getting the Broken Isles faction reputations up to exalted, as well as increasing my gear to get to Mythic+ level for dungeons. Blizzard have certainly upped their game in terms of storytelling, which is particularly obvious as I’ve also started dabbling in the content I’d missed starting with Cataclysm.